James Cunliffe :Animator Valve Corporation

Dear Sir or Madam,

I had the pleasure of working with Jon Turburfield while he performed the role of lead animator on the animated motion pictures “Happy Feet” and “Legend of the Guardians” at Animal Logic between 2005 and 2010.

I have worked on both games and feature films in a career that has spanned 15 years. I have held lead and animation director roles in multiple companies and was nominated for a VES award for “outstanding animated character in an animated feature motion picture” in 2011. I currently reside at Valve Corporation in Bellevue, WA as an animator on computer games.

During my tenure alongside Mr Turburfield; I witnessed him take on a myriad of tasks that showed a world class understanding of his medium and technical proficiency. He was entrusted to define the performance of many characters. His acting abilities were easily matched by his dexterous command of creature animation. He trouble shot technical problems and helped find solutions to production hurdles while successfully running his animation team.

His love of computer games and understanding of that genre, coupled with his world class animation and technical skills, make him an exciting prospect for either computer games or feature film animation.

I unreservedly recommend Jon Turburfield to any company looking for animators of the highest caliber. Yours sincerely,
James Cunliffe
Animator at Valve Corporation. 

                                    Eric Leighton : Animation Director: "King Kong",

                                            "Legend Of TheGuardians"

To whom it may concern,
This letter is to confirm that I have employed Mr. Jon Turburfield as an animator and lead animator on various feature film crews since 2004. His work for me on Peter Jackson's “King Kong” and Zack Snyder's “Legend of the Guardians” was of the highest calibre. As far as I am concerned Mr. Turburfield is one of the highest standing animators in the computer graphics field today. He will most certainly continue his highly distinguished career with great success with whomever is fortunate enough to have him join their team.
Sincerely yours, Eric Leighton

     Rob Coleman : Animation Director "Happy Feet 2".

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter to confirm that Jon Turburfield worked as a senior animator on the animated feature film, Happy Feet Two, at Dr D Studios in Sydney, Australia from 10 January 2011 until 14 October 2011.

I have worked in the Animation Industry for over two decades and was with George Lucas for 14 of those years. I was the Animation Director on Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and Star Wars: Attack of the Clones and Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. I am currently the Animation Director on Happy Feet Two.

I have been fortunate to be nominated for two British Academy Awards for my work on Men In Black and The Phantom Menace and I have received two Oscar nominations for The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones. During my career I have had the opportunity to work with some of the best animators in the world. I have worked on productions in Canada, the United States and Australia. Jon Turburfield is one of most talented animators I have ever worked with. He has excellent computer animation skills and experience make him a true asset to any team that he is on.

I highly recommend Jon, an animator of extraordinary achievement. I know that he will make huge contributions to animation production in Canada.

Yours sincerely,
Rob Coleman
Animation Director, Happy Feet Two Dr. D Studios

                                                             ~STUDENT MENTORING FEEDBACK~

Having the opportunity of Jon mentoring me in the final year of university, have been the most beneficial thing in the whole degree.
Jońs wealth of knowledge and eye to detail is staggering, his feedback is very detailed and it has definitely pushed my animation skills. His constructive advice has been invaluable to enhance and polish my animations.

He is a fantastic leader for the group of animators he is mentoring, always takes great interest in pushing us not only to make our animations better, but also to create the more believable performances.

As a young animator trying to break into the industry, his feedback and advice have been very inspiring and encouraging. On top of that he is always available, providing in many occasions daily feedback.

Personally Jon is very nice and approachable and mostly, is obvious that he really enjoys mentoring and leading teams of animators. I have no doubt that every team he has lead, have similar thoughts about him.

I am looking forward to work with him in the future and Ím sure any team will greatly benefit and enjoy having him as a lead. Martin Rossi

~Dear Sir/Madam

I've found all Jons' feedback extremely helpful, especially because of the amount I'm having to animate (almost 2 minutes in the same amount of months) its been great having someone to send rough work to for quick tips.

The best bits of feedback for me have been bits that are really easy to adjust, but improve the overall animation a tonne, such as moving the COG slightly more or less for balance, eye darts, head dips etc. This is mainly because of the quantity I'm having to get through, but if I was working on fewer shots in the same amount of time more substantial changes would have been helpful as well.

It's also really great how quick Jon has been to respond to work I've posted, plenty of times I've been at a loose end with a piece and posted it at 11pm before heading to sleep, then 9 the next morning I've had notes waiting for me which has been amazingly helpful in keeping the momentum going.

The notes are always extremely encouraging which is great for keeping up motivation during these tiresome 7 days weeks.

Many Thanks,
George Rigby (i7954572) <i7954572@bournemouth.ac.uk>

" Jon showed up one day at the Bournemouth NCCA where I study and started mentoring the animators.

Immediately he was able to provide the most useful feedback I have had on my animations to date. When I sent him the blocking of my major project he replied with a shot by shot breakdown of extremely comprehensive feedback, this enabled me to take the animation to the next level.

Receiving feedback from industry professionals, as useful as it is can also be quite hard to take. I have found that some of the professionals I have discussed my work with provide plenty of constructive criticism, but you rarely ever hear them say quite simply: 'well done, you have some awesome work here, keep pushing'! This is something that Jon is great for, he is honest and will provide the most useful and comprehensive feedback you could ask for: Cheers Jon! “

Chris Jones

Christopher Jones (i7918244) <i7918244@bournemouth.ac.uk>